Why are contracts important?

Contracts are usually classified by Knowledge Managers as ‘Vital Records’ meaning that your business may not be able to operate without them. Are you managing your contracts? If not, is your business secure?

Contracts are the foundation of most businesses. It isn’t just lawyers who are concerned with contracts, they should also be the concern of the MD, the CEO, the CIO and every senior manager in any business.

Contracts define relationships, deliverables and liabilities between your business and another business; they are legally enforceable. Ignore them at your peril.

What do you know about your business’ contracts?

All businesses receive contracts to review and approve and all businesses issue contracts for review and approval. All contracts have a start and end date and many have a renewal option.

  • Do you know who in your business is responsible for managing, drafting and approving contracts?
  • Do you have formal approval processes in place for all types of contracts?
  • Do you know which contracts are still current?
  • Do you know which contracts are about to expire?
  • Do you know which contracts have expired?
  • Do you know which contracts need updating?
  • Do you know which contracts are due for renewal?
  • Do you know which contracts are now overdue for renewal?
  • Do you know which contracts are due for review?
  • Do you know which contracts are overdue for review?
  • Do you know what contracts are currently being drafted?
  • Do you know what contracts are currently in the approval process?
  • Do you know if an approval process has stalled? Do you know who the approver was? Do you know why it has stalled?

Does your business need a Contract Management System?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no then you need a contract management system.

RF6Cloud offers an easy-to-use, ready-to-go, low cost and in-the-Cloud contract management App. You can register, upload or enter your contract details, add your people, configure your approval processes and be operational in a day or less. No charges other than a low monthly subscription.

You need never again be less than totally informed about your contracts and the status of each and every contract.

A Complete Solution for Contract management

Record, manage and track all of your contracts plus all actions including reviews and renewals. Capture all original electronic documents (including all new versions of a contract) and emails. Utilize workflow and email alerts to ensure all tasks are completed. Record the details of all people and organizations you deal with. Use scheduled reports and saved searches to alert you to all pending actions. Be totally on top of all of your contracts. Never lose track of a contract or contract renewal again.

One-Month Free Trial

We are so confident that RF6-Contract will meet your needs that we offer a free one-month trial.

Still not sure?

Please contact us and open a discussion. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Us

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