From $AUD90 per user per month

Data Centre and Cloud applications in the past have used very complicated pricing based on a large number of factors. This approach made the monthly bill inconsistent and almost impossible to reconcile. We are different, we price on a single factor, the number of users. We charge a flat monthly fee per user so your monthly bill is totally consistent and transparent. This is all you pay other than excess storage fees if you exceed the allocated 30GB limit.

The actual monthly subscription charge per user depends upon the country where you live and the App you select. The base rates are set in $AUD so for example, for our Records Management App RF6-RM, it is $AUD90 per user per month and for our Records & Document Management App RF6-EDRMS it is $AUD102 per user per month. You must sign up for a minimum of 2 users.

If you exceed the 30GB allocated storage limit we will bill you $AUD18 per month per each 10GB in excess of 30GB.

In addition, we also guarantee to hold your subscription prices unchanged for the first twelve months of use. You know with confidence exactly what your monthly subscription bill will be.


One Month Free Trial

Best of all, all new subscriptions begin with a one month no-charge trial. You can select your App, upload your data, do all your configuration and then test the App for one month before being charged. At any time during the first month you can cancel by clicking on the Deactivate button in your MyConsole screen. If you Deactivate within the first month, your credit card will not be charged.


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