Records Management

RF6-Records Management

RF6-RM is an App specifically designed to handle all the requirement of any ‘physical’ records management challenge. Because it is powered by RecFind 6, one of the world’s most proven records and document management applications, it includes a vast array of records management functionality such as:

  1. File Folder & Box management, File Folder profile, Document profile, Archive Box profile
  2. Barcode support for any record plus support of both fixed and portable readers.
  3. Full text indexing plus powerful searching by text, metadata, external ID and Boolean together with saved searches.
  4. Powerful Reporting Engine with standard reports plus the ability run Schedule Reports.
  5. Complete Request, Move and tracking capabilities.
  6. Powerful Retention function supporting both manual and automatic lifecycle management.
  7. Fully featured Business Classification (BCI) function.
  8. Audit Trail Report for all transactions.
  9. Powerful and flexible security system controlling Permissions and Access. Complete control to determine who see what and what each user can do.
  10. Powerful and flexible file folder titling capabilities, up to 5 title levels can be configured.
  11. Powerful and flexible object numbering (e.g., file folders) capabilities, manual and automatic.
  12. The ability to record all the people and organizations you deal with.
  13. The ability to upload and configure all your existing data (e.g., all your files, boxes, people, organizations, retention schedule, file titles, etc.)
  14. The ability to configure and manage your own Records Centre.
  15. The ability to ‘trigger’ actions and automatically advise users via email with embedded hyperlinks.
  16. Online videos for demonstrations & training.
  17. Complete online Help system.
  18. Easy to use email support for when you have questions.

What are the benefits?

Save tens of thousands of $s by NOT:

  1. investing in computer hardware like servers and routers and firewalls; we take care of it.
  2. investing in hardware maintenance and updates, we take care of it.
  3. investing in hardware and systems redundancy; we take care of it.
  4. investing in database and operating system software; we take care of it.
  5. investing in database and operating system software maintenance and updates; we take care of it.
  6. investing in application software development, maintenance and updates; we take care of it.
  7. hiring IT specialists; we take care of it

All you have to do is use the App, we take care of everything else including backups and recovery.

How do we bill?

The billing algorithm is simplicity itself and is based on a flat charge per concurrent user per month. The monthly fee may vary depending upon the App you have selected. The only other fee that may apply is if you exceed the allocated managed storage limit as specified for each App. Both the App specific monthly user fee and excess storage usage fee are provided in the detailed explanation of each App.When you sign up to use an App you select the number of concurrent user licenses you require. This determines your monthly subscription. If in time, you exceed the predetermined managed storage limit, we will advise you and give you the opportunity to either reduce your storage requirements or increase the monthly subscription fee accordingly.As you are subscribing for concurrent user licenses, you may register as many people as you need to be ‘users’. That is, a number greater than the number of concurrent user licenses you have selected. The App will control the number of users that can logon on at any point in time.You will be provided with a report at the end of each monthly detailing all your usage statistics.


Support and training is provided free of charge by using the facilities on this website (see Contact Us). All training courses and demonstrations are available from this website and our YouTube channel RF6Cloud.

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