Physical Records Management

Manage your physical records in the Cloud There is no easier or lower cost way to manage all of your physical records in the Cloud than by utilizing the new RF6Cloud website and the RF6-RM application. With RF6-RM you can easily and cost-effectively manage all of your...

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Records and Document Management Associations

The following organizations provide support and information to records and knowledge management professionals all around the world. Aspiring Records Managers and Archivists should seek to join one of these organizations and organizations tackling records and document...

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RecFind 6 Cost Justification Worksheet

The RecFind 6 Cost Justification Worksheet is meant to be used by customers and prospective customers to determine the cost benefit of replacing manual or outdated records management systems with RecFind 6. Use this to help build your records management automation...

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Moving to the Cloud – How and Why?

Is your company looking at completely new Cloud-based technology options for both corporate strategy reasons and more efficient IT services? A new way to both better deliver services to your clients and access all of your required IT facilities? Major Focus The major...

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Do you manage your emails effectively?

According to AIIM in a recent 2017 survey and report, forty-seven percent of respondents say they are still struggling with emails. Based on my own observations and dialog with our customers and prospects, I would say the percentage is far higher; say 65% or more....

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