The RecFind 6 Cost Justification Worksheet is meant to be used by customers and prospective customers to determine the cost benefit of replacing manual or outdated records management systems with RecFind 6. Use this to help build your records management automation cost justification submission.

It utilizes RecFind performance improvement factors we have determined over time since 1986. That is, how much faster a manual process can be completed utilizing RecFind. The performance factors were determined from thousands of customer installations of RecFind since 1986.

Whereas there will be real-world variations from site to site, the worksheet will produce useful and applicable cost saving estimations for man hours and dollars that you can use to build your cost-justification for management. It is certainly a good baseline for any cost justification submission.

If you would like to see changes and improvements to the Cost Justification worksheet, please contact us via the Contact Us form on the website. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

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