• Low cost
  • Transparent billing
  • Known costs
  • All the functionality you require
  • Free training
  • Free support
  • Reduced workload for your staff
  • Increased productivity for your staff
  • Zero Hardware, Systems Software or Application maintenance requirements
  • Powerful, intuitive Console to manage all aspects of your application
  • No long, expensive rollout, all Apps are ‘Ready-to-Go’.
  • Extensive, complete online help with embedded ‘How to’ YouTube videos
  • Extensive and useful App content on the website

With over 33 years with this business, more than 40 successful commercial software applications to my credit and thousands of customer installations all around the world, I can claim to know more than a little about what it takes to design, build, install, roll out, utilize and support a commercial software application. Most importantly, my customers have taught me a great deal about what they need to successfully roll out and support a commercial application software package. Their feedback has been vital in our design of RF6-Cloud. In fact, RF6-Cloud was designed for my customers. The new paradigm approach of RF6-Cloud was specifically designed to address all of the issues my customers have articulated to us over all the many years we have been doing business.

More specifically, RF6-Cloud was designed for our Small to Medium Enterprise customers and for our smaller independent agency and departmental customers in large organizations. We looked at the barriers they faced (time, expertise, personnel and money) and we addressed each one with RF6-Cloud.

Frank McKenna, RF6-Cloud CEO “RF6-Cloud now provides our customers with a low-cost way to utilize high-end, contemporary, fully featured, heavy-duty, scalable application software solutions that they would otherwise not be able to afford. RF6-Cloud reduces the cost of a software application to a fraction of the cost it would be under the ‘old’ paradigm. It completely changes the game.”

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